I – Our prices

1 – No booking fees, the naturist card is not obligatory

II – Reservations

1 – Please include your deposit corresponding to 25% of the total cost of your stay with your reservation.
2 – The reservation option is available for 14 days; after this delay the option will be cancelled if we haven’t received your deposit in due time.
3 – The reservation will be valid and confirmed as soon as we get the deposit.
4 – The options and preferences are subject to availibities.

III – Payment

1. The balance of your payment must be done at your arrival for the key delivery.
2. Payment with credit card or cash (cheques are not accepted)
3. No repayment will be allowed in case of late arrival.
4. In case of early departure the totality of the nights booked are due.

IV – Cancellation

1. Should the club cancel your reservation = total repayment.
2. Should a customer cancel his reservation:
a) Over 28 days before the arrival day= 50.– €, representing the expenses incurred in office work and in securing the new booking.
b) Between 28 days and 10 days before the arrival, repayment of 50 % of the deposit.
c) Less than 10 days before the arrival, no repayment of the deposit. (Art.1590 from the civil code)
d) Past the arrival day forseen (48h) and without news from you the Village of La Chiappa will dispose of your reservation.


Rules of stay

Reservations are valid and confirmed upon receipt of deposit.
The balance must be paid on arrival day to get the key.

The various methods of payment

1. Credit cards.
2. French cheques made payable to the SA du Phare.
3. Bank transfers payable to the SA du Phare (transfer fees charged to the customer). Bank : Crédit Lyonnais F-20137 Porto-Vecchio /
IBAN : FR58 3000 2028 5600 0007 2361 S96- BIC/SWIFT : CRLYFRPP
4. Postal Orders.
5. Holiday vouchers.